You're in mile 18 and all you have to do is get to the next water station. Up ahead you see them. The group of happy cheering volunteers handing out half-filled paper cups of water. Only a few more steps and aawwhh! You're there! Take a break! Walk a few minutes! And enjoy the sights and sounds. You deserve it!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Native Eyewear Reviews

So I've been trying out some new sunglasses over the past few weeks.  My favorite pair of Optic Nerve sunglasses are getting a little worn and I've seen them enough in race photos.  The first pair of Native's I tried are the Native Eyewear Bolt Sunglasses - Polarized Reflex Lenses.  These are a little larger than I thought they would be, but still worked for a windy and cold run one Saturday morning.  The frames are 5” temple to temple and cover from brow to cheekbone really well.  It kept the wind from making my eyes water.  The frame has an interchangeable lens design, but initially they only come with one set (others are available at additional cost - not at STP).  Only drawback I found was a slight loss to peripheral vision due to the wrap-around frames.  These list for $119, but I was able to pick them up on sale via STP.  The color shown in the photo is Snow Streak/Polarized Silver Reflex which I think is a nice pearl white.  Recommend them for medium to large size faces.

The other set I picked up is the Native Ignition Sport Sunglasses - Polarized.  These are quite different from the Bolts in that they are smaller in size.  They are 4-¾” temple to temple and fit snug around my ears (not a bit of movement while running).  There was a small gap between the bottom of the lenses and my cheekbones, but not enough for me to send them back.  These, like the Bolts, have the Native signature vents at the top of the frames which increases airflow and helps with keeping them from fogging up.  That is the biggest problem I've had this past winter with my Optic Nerves.  I will say that EK Ekcessories Cat Crap (found at REI) helps some with the fogging up problem.  Anyway back to the Ignition glasses:  Again, I picked them up at STP on sale (list price is $120) in the color shown in the picture - Pale Ale Fade W/Polarized Blue Reflex Lens.  Recommend them for small to medium size faces.

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