You're in mile 18 and all you have to do is get to the next water station. Up ahead you see them. The group of happy cheering volunteers handing out half-filled paper cups of water. Only a few more steps and aawwhh! You're there! Take a break! Walk a few minutes! And enjoy the sights and sounds. You deserve it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a load of crapola!

Well I missed my workout last night because I started playing on the computer and before I knew, it was bedtime.  I just was not in the mood to work out anyway.  So tonight I made it a point to get into my running clothes before I even thought of sitting down.  It was drizzling a little when I started out and everything was going well until...shin splints!  Now I haven't had a dose of those in a long time.  Couldn't figure out what was causing them.  Wasn't the shoes because I just ran in them on Saturday with no problems.  So I stretched some more and trudge on.  Mile one down - no better.  Took a walk break and rubbed them a little.  Mile two - a little better.  Then for some strange reason in mile three I started favoring my left leg.  RUN OVER!  3.37 miles done so not a total loss, but not what I wanted to do today.  Icing the shins now - brrrgghhh! 

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