You're in mile 18 and all you have to do is get to the next water station. Up ahead you see them. The group of happy cheering volunteers handing out half-filled paper cups of water. Only a few more steps and aawwhh! You're there! Take a break! Walk a few minutes! And enjoy the sights and sounds. You deserve it!

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Friday Night Out!

It's been a while for me.  Sorry to say it, but I've been lurking in the background for a few days.  Getting caught up on homework (some), playing with the dogs (more), and cleaning house (a lot).  As for Fridays, I've gotten into a routine lately.  I enjoy my Friday nights curled up on the couch with the dogs, watching "What Not To Wear" (now I'm doing homework during commercials).  I'm always looking for ways to camouflage my large tookass.  Let's just say my Friday's have become comfortable.  I enjoy relaxing after a long week with my remote and my dogs.  So after hearing the dating dilemas of some co-workers this week, it made me wonder have I fallen out of the loop so much that I can't, or won't, get back into it?   Has my idea of a date become a 5K on Saturday morning? 

So to break out of my comfort zone - for lack of a better phrase-, I decided to meet up with friends at the O.C. after work.  Now I spent the day looking forward to this, but then I started to dread trying to find an outfit to wear.  Hoping I had something other than running gear to throw on when I got home.  No such luck!  Instead of my usual comfort, I was rushing around trying to figure out if what I had put on covered my large tookass without making me look like a large @ss.  I was able to find something once I said this is who I am and if they don't like it tough-nooky!  I now know why I quit going out and why I quit drinking. I swear it looked like I was at the zoo watching the peacocks during mating season.  Everyone putting on their best (until the 3-4 tequilla shot) to attract someone (or something) for the evening.  Maybe it's not that I've become too comfortable, just too smart for it.  The getting drunk acting stupid - I had enough of it years ago.  A decent conversation (without him looking at my boobs) would be nice. 

On a side note:  I now have two wardrobes - running season & off-season (or my fat clothes)!  Nothing like a trip to the local petting zoo to put you back on track!  Come on marathon training - I'm ready for you!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Time to Start Thinking About October??!!

I was reading blogs the other day and I started to see a pattern.  It seems like everyone is signed up for a marathon in October because I saw a lot of marathon training start dates in June.  I realized that my start date is June 27, 2010 (112 Days -- or -- 16 Weeks of training).  That's a little over a month away!  When I signed up for the Denver Marathon, I decided to make it something I can be proud of (a PR would be extra special).  So it got me thinking about how I feel when I'm really into training for a race.  The amazement I have when I push my body to the edge and it delivers.  Maybe that's the illusive runner's high everyone talks about.  I just get into a groove and I go (something I'm not seeing these days).  Maybe because I'm in the "off-season" and I've put on 20 pounds - duh!  Funny story - I was once told I looked like I just spent the day at the spa after finishing a 20 mile training run (thanks Cindy-in green!).   I'm not a fast runner, but I can run quite a long distance.  Maybe this time around I'll try to be faster so I don't have so much energy left over at the end.  I'm loving all of the advice I'm getting from the blogs-THANKS FOR SHARING!  Even though I've ran a lot of races, it's nice to see how others do things.  Sometimes I pick up new ideas on how to hydrate better or when to take GU packets or what shorts not ride up.  Things I can try this time around to improve my race time.  Reading race recaps is fun and there's a lot of information in them.  Thanks for taking the time to sit down (know that in itself is difficult) and write those long reports.  They are valued by others.  I can see that a lot of the bloggers have way better times than me and I would like to get down to a 5hr marathon time.  It's doable.  I need to change my attitude towards everything.  I liked the post where someone said "I get to run up this hill" instead of "I have to run up this hill" when they thought about people who can't run and would love to be in their shoes.  Starting June 27, 2010, I GET to train for a marathon.  Positive thinking!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Three Changes Challenge Result

Well I guess I should report on my progress.  I said I would do the following three things:
1.  No late night eating
This is probably the most healthy thing I've done in a while.  I used to wake up in the middle of the night (old people do that cuz we have to pee!) and I would get something to eat while I waited for my dogs to potty.  Guess what - I'm sleeping through the night now.  Could be because I'm staying up later due to school or that I'm just so darn tired (or because I make sure I potty before I go to bed - getting old sucks!).  This is one change I'm sure I will stick with!

2.  Follow my workout schedule
I'm doing better on getting my workouts in.  They might not be on the exact day or the exact item scheduled, but I workout in some way each day now.  Last night was my first night of class and I don't know how much it is going to interfer with my workouts, but I did try to read my homework afterwards on the treadmill, walking of course.  Got two miles in.

3.  Get back down below a 10:30 min/mile
You know I don't really care about speed right now.  I'm more concerned with getting back to enjoying my time running and staying healthy.  I get so wrapped up in my time and speed, and I end up injured.  That just discourages me even more.  For now, I'm just enjoying my time alone with my thoughts and the miraculous things my body can do..even if it takes me two...three...four...hours!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This too shall pass..thanks!

My Jersey is all better now.  That was a big scare and an even bigger vet bill!  Guess I'll get my new laptop next month.  She came home from the vet on Friday night..tired but happy to not be so dehydrated.  She slept good and was back on Saturday morning.  After some additional bloodwork, she was sent home.  I watched her for a few to see if anything changed and then had to get out for a run. 

I got in a nice five miles before I was met by a not so unusual surprise - a snake!  A Pituophis catenifer to be exact!  Okay it was just a Bullsnake (see photo for an example).  He was about 4-5 feet long and stretched out across the Santa Fe Trail sunning himself. He didn't seem to have a problem with me.  He just moved up into the grass and then off he went towards the parking lot to crawl under some pavers.  I thought he was a beautiful looking snake.  Never seen one with such a nice golden color before.  Added bonus to a great 8 mile run. 

[Update:  Found out Bullsnakes eat Rattlesnakes - don't mind them much anymore.  They can visit the trail anytime - as long as they keep the poisonous ones away!]

Friday, May 7, 2010

Another punch to the gut!

Sometimes you've just gotta talk to somebody.  My fellow bloggers, you get to be the one since no one else is around today. 

I've had to deal with a lot of things this year.  The biggest being my Rottie, Jersey Girl, getting diagnosed with lymphoma.  She's just the sweetest little thing - only 74 pounds (which for those who know is small for a Rott).  She didn't deserve that disease, no dog does for that matter.  Her reaction to chemo went well.  Nodes went down two days after treatment.  She's in remission now.  Thank God for that!  So a while back, I decided I wouldn't leave her all day in her crate.  I don't know how much time she has left...could be a year..could be 10 I felt she should have to spend that time in a crate.  She was doing great.  Only a few minor setbacks.  Chapsticks are her favorite items to chew up.

Lately though she's taken to getting things off the kitchen counter.  A bowl, left-over box, wrappers, paper towels..nothing major so I didn't think anything of it when I left my meds and my other dog's meds on the counter.  Yep I can hear your gasps!  She got into them yesterday when I was at work.  Chewed up two of my bottles, but didn't eat any.  She did eat my Aussie's Rimadyl.  An entire bottle (small bottle though).  Another gasp!  Both dogs went to the vet last night and got the vomit treatment.  Looked like we got most of it out of Jersey.  Aussie, Scout, didn't have any in her so she's pissed about the whole trip. 

Jersey was back at the vet this morning first thing.  Not herself, dehydrated, and her kidney numbers were up.  She's been on an iv all day and has some diarrhea.  She's supposed to come home tonight and then go back in the morning for more treatments (vet doesn't want to leave her alone overnight).  I'm just hoping we got to her in time.  The next 24-48 will determine if she's damaged her kidneys/liver.  She doesn't deserve this.  Say a prayer please.  Thanks!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another Day in the Garden - This time with pictures!

Well another beautiful day for a training run in the Garden.  It was sort of brisk and this time I was overdressed.  Started to get a liitle warm about a 1/4 way into it.  Didn't much feel like running today so Cindy and I walked the uphills.  And this park as a ton of them.  Here is my running picture story - this is a view of the park after the first hill looking down into the main area of the Garden.  Off in the distance on the top of the last large rock formation, you can see Kissing Camels.  Unfortunately, the camel on the left lost his hump to a lightning strike. 

After a nice downhill and a really terrible uphill, this is the view you get.  As you can see, we haven't gotten to be very green around here yet.  Heck, we had snow yesterday.  We had grapple (new word of the day).  I called it packing material - snow pellets. 

Take a turn and look over your's Pikes Peak!  It sure is pretty all covered with snow.

Kodak moment!  More like rest break!  That's me & the Peak.

This rock formation is right next to the main parking lot.  Before you go grabbing your climbing gear, know first that you have to have a special pass to climb the rocks in the park.  Otherwise, there is a hefty fine.  Check with the Garden of the Gods Visitors Center for all of the rules/regulations.

This is probably the most popular car pull-off in the park for photographers.  There is an area for about 3-4 cars to stop at one time.  The tour buses do stop here too.  Don't even think of parking on the other side of the road.  That area is for bicycles, runners and hikers only.  You wouldn't like to have a bicyclist splattered across your rear window, would ya?!

Another view of the Peak.  Take a moment to ponder the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon.  For those who don't know, the Marathon is 13.1 miles up and 13.1 miles down.  The Ascent only does the up part.  This year, the Ascent will run on Saturday, Aug. 21 and the Marathon on Sunday, Aug. 22.  Can you believe some people do both?! 

Garden of the Gods most famous rock formation - Balanced Rock.  You can drive right by it.  

Had to through in one final picture of Pikes Peak. It will keep its white top until some time in June.  Visiting the Garden, along with its Trading Post, and the top of Pikes Peak are top on my list of things to do in Colorado.  Make sure you sample the doughnuts they make up at the top.  Anyone who can make them at 14,115 feet has my vote.  Baking at just over 6,000 is hard enough. 

Oxygen is overrated!