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Friday, May 7, 2010

Another punch to the gut!

Sometimes you've just gotta talk to somebody.  My fellow bloggers, you get to be the one since no one else is around today. 

I've had to deal with a lot of things this year.  The biggest being my Rottie, Jersey Girl, getting diagnosed with lymphoma.  She's just the sweetest little thing - only 74 pounds (which for those who know is small for a Rott).  She didn't deserve that disease, no dog does for that matter.  Her reaction to chemo went well.  Nodes went down two days after treatment.  She's in remission now.  Thank God for that!  So a while back, I decided I wouldn't leave her all day in her crate.  I don't know how much time she has left...could be a year..could be 10 I felt she should have to spend that time in a crate.  She was doing great.  Only a few minor setbacks.  Chapsticks are her favorite items to chew up.

Lately though she's taken to getting things off the kitchen counter.  A bowl, left-over box, wrappers, paper towels..nothing major so I didn't think anything of it when I left my meds and my other dog's meds on the counter.  Yep I can hear your gasps!  She got into them yesterday when I was at work.  Chewed up two of my bottles, but didn't eat any.  She did eat my Aussie's Rimadyl.  An entire bottle (small bottle though).  Another gasp!  Both dogs went to the vet last night and got the vomit treatment.  Looked like we got most of it out of Jersey.  Aussie, Scout, didn't have any in her so she's pissed about the whole trip. 

Jersey was back at the vet this morning first thing.  Not herself, dehydrated, and her kidney numbers were up.  She's been on an iv all day and has some diarrhea.  She's supposed to come home tonight and then go back in the morning for more treatments (vet doesn't want to leave her alone overnight).  I'm just hoping we got to her in time.  The next 24-48 will determine if she's damaged her kidneys/liver.  She doesn't deserve this.  Say a prayer please.  Thanks!


  1. I am sorry to hear that Jersey gave your heart that much of a stress test. I am glad to hear she is doing ok now. I agree no dog deserves to get any sort of cancer. Carin is still battling her kidney failure and it is just heart wrenching. **hug**

  2. Thanks for your concern. She's a handful some days but with her cancer, I have to love her everyday. Even if she chews up everything in the house. Scout's still pissed though.