You're in mile 18 and all you have to do is get to the next water station. Up ahead you see them. The group of happy cheering volunteers handing out half-filled paper cups of water. Only a few more steps and aawwhh! You're there! Take a break! Walk a few minutes! And enjoy the sights and sounds. You deserve it!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Time to Start Thinking About October??!!

I was reading blogs the other day and I started to see a pattern.  It seems like everyone is signed up for a marathon in October because I saw a lot of marathon training start dates in June.  I realized that my start date is June 27, 2010 (112 Days -- or -- 16 Weeks of training).  That's a little over a month away!  When I signed up for the Denver Marathon, I decided to make it something I can be proud of (a PR would be extra special).  So it got me thinking about how I feel when I'm really into training for a race.  The amazement I have when I push my body to the edge and it delivers.  Maybe that's the illusive runner's high everyone talks about.  I just get into a groove and I go (something I'm not seeing these days).  Maybe because I'm in the "off-season" and I've put on 20 pounds - duh!  Funny story - I was once told I looked like I just spent the day at the spa after finishing a 20 mile training run (thanks Cindy-in green!).   I'm not a fast runner, but I can run quite a long distance.  Maybe this time around I'll try to be faster so I don't have so much energy left over at the end.  I'm loving all of the advice I'm getting from the blogs-THANKS FOR SHARING!  Even though I've ran a lot of races, it's nice to see how others do things.  Sometimes I pick up new ideas on how to hydrate better or when to take GU packets or what shorts not ride up.  Things I can try this time around to improve my race time.  Reading race recaps is fun and there's a lot of information in them.  Thanks for taking the time to sit down (know that in itself is difficult) and write those long reports.  They are valued by others.  I can see that a lot of the bloggers have way better times than me and I would like to get down to a 5hr marathon time.  It's doable.  I need to change my attitude towards everything.  I liked the post where someone said "I get to run up this hill" instead of "I have to run up this hill" when they thought about people who can't run and would love to be in their shoes.  Starting June 27, 2010, I GET to train for a marathon.  Positive thinking!


  1. Whoohoo! Yay for June 27th!

    There are so many people who I read and are training for the Denver marathon. Hmmmm, maybe I wanna run here in Denver instead of Chicago! I look forward to reading about your training!

  2. I love hills! I love hills! Actually I am starting to believe it! I love hills because I love knowing that I am better than that stupid hill and it can’t keep me down. There is a hill coming down Barr Trail that I really truly enjoy because every time I hit it my legs get a nice stretch that makes the last stretch so much easier.
    I love hills! I think I will have to come up to Denver (not stay the night) just to watch you PR! And be the loudest darn cheerleader you have ever heard (or will ever hear)!!!!