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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee That's all folks!

A few nights ago, I was woke up at 1:30 a.m. by what parent's might call "the sound that can wake any sleeping parent from deep sleep" - gagging!  Now I didn't suddenly go out and have a child.  I have two dogs:  Jersey and Scout.  Jersey, as most of you know, has cancer (lymphoma) and the noise was coming from her.  I've heard it before, but now things are different.  I have to watch things with her more closely.  In the past, I've never moved so quickly to get her or my other dog out the back door before the moment of expulsion.  Not so lucky this time.  You really don't need all of those details. 

The real story is what happened next.  I felt it was necessary to let Jersey stay outside for a few to see if she was done.  While she was doing her business, I started making changes to my blog layout and background.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move near my sofa.  Now my eyesight is going so I didn't think anything of it.  Minute goes by...movement came back and "son-of-a-bisquit" was looking toward my dogs food dishes not six feet from me!  I knew they were around because I've had them in my house before, but I haven't seen any evidence of them in over a year.  But I live near a field so they are bound to return. 

Now I'm not a person who like to kill things unless it's a snake or spider - I REALLY don't like them.  Mice aren't something I have a fear of.  I grew up on a farm and have dealt with them most of my life.  But this one HAD to go!  So there I was in my p.j.s digging mouse traps out of the garage at two in the morning.  Let me say that I've never used these before so don't hold this against me.  I just needed him gone before my family comes out to visit next week.  I put some peanut butter on two of the traps and put one by the sofa and another by the fridge.  And waited.....

All day on Friday, I kept thinking that I was going to come home to my Rottie with a mouse trap attached to some appendage.  They are made of plastic so she'd probably chew them to pieces just to get that little bit of p.b.  So on the way home last night, I picked up some more humane sound deterant rodent ridders.  I put one on one side of the living room and the other across from it.  Nice humming sound took a little getting used to.  And waited.....

Oopps!  This morning I got up to find one trap "tripped".  Not by my dog.  Was hoping the rodent ridders would have worked instead of the trap.  So sorry little buddy...

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  1. Oh I hate mice!!!! I FREAK out anytime I see one.