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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Complete Velosis Women's Running Shoes

Ever since the foot doctor said I was turning my right hip in when I run, I've been trying to locate a pair of shoes that would solve this dilemma.  I've tried Saucony (the larger woman runner's best friend - note to konk the next saleperson who says that one), Asics, Adidas and Mizuno.  Mizuno being my favorite so far.  Adidas has really nice cushion, but they stopped making the Boston Classic's some time ago.  So when I saw Puma, I was a little hesitant to try a different brand.  Once a runner finds a shoe that works, it's like written in stone that it is the only shoe brand they'll use.  Me, I throw caution to the wind and try something new every once in a while.  So back to Puma.  I researched (to locate the best price) what type would work for my situation and found the Velosis.  Giving the shoe the once over, I noticed that the sides of the shoe around the toe box were wider on the outside area.  This would help with the supination.  The cushion in the heel looked promising.  So after reading the sales pitch: 
Forget therapy
This shoe will respond to your needs and won't bill you at the end of the session, even if you run over your set time. A unique, Fast Forward design features a high toe spring to give you a little extra boost.

  • Extremely lightweight, breathable upper for built-in air conditioning
  • Enhanced cushioning for arch support
  • Memory foam midsole for shock absorption
  • Sockliner to wick moisture and keep feet dry
  • Durable rubber outsole for a great grip
  • EverRide outsole

I decided to give them a try and boy was I glad I did.  My right foot (yeah only one of them does it) wasn't able to turn out at all in them.  These are made for neutral runners with only minor supination.  I love the yellow color - started calling them my "golden slippers".  Now if I could only find Prince Charming - 'nother story for some other time.  I did, however, feel like maybe a 1/2 size bigger would have been better (I normally wear an 8.5 in running shoes which is what I ordered).  So I wrote back customer service to see if they could send out another pair (have to wait for word on it).  They were very comfortable so I think I keep 'em!


  1. My personal favorites are the Saucony Grids (Pro 9, I think). They're the first shoe I started running in.. and I have some wide feet, so they're really comfy. I also found out that they sell them at Famous Footwear for $40 instead of the normal $110 at the running shoe place. I am, however, going to try a pair of of those Zoot slip on, quick-tie shoes for the triathlon (if I can find some I can afford!) :)

  2. If your ‘golden slippers’ find you a Prince Charming I would be more than happy to trade my Nikes in for those!!!!!!

  3. I received a response from Puma - order another pair and ship back the ones you don't want. I ordered them in a size 9 along with the next up model - Velosis I (size 9 too). I'll report back on how both of them work out.

    Puma has some nice shoes so you might want to check them out. Road Runner Sports has some good reviews on them, but has the best prices. Free shipping on orders over $85.

  4. Nice looking shoes! I love the color! Good-fitting shoes are far more important than a Prince Charming, anyways (at least when you are running) : )