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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jersey Girl Update

I've had a few requests for updates about my little Jersey Girl.  She's fine.  You wouldn't know she was sick if'n you saw her.  She had a chemo treatment a week ago Monday and it went well.  She really had those "why me, mommy" eyes when I picked her up.  I stayed home Tuesday just to make sure she was okay.  She's got another dose on the 20th, so in a week.  We're trying a different treatment path this time around.  Those nasty cells have probably built up a defense for the old stuff.  This stuff is going to kick butt!  She's a real trooper. 

Now everyone go hug your furry children (the ones with four legs!) and let them know how much you love them!  Okay you can hug the two-legged ones too!


  1. Awww... poor woofer. I never like to see animals suffer, but I guess you've gotta do the crappy treatment stuff so she can be all the way better.

    One of my furry kids slept with us last night. I'm leaving town for 2 weeks and truthfully, I usually miss my dogs more than my husband. I can call the husband, and he knows I'm coming back... but Mag and ShelbyLou don't get it, so it stinks.

    Good luck with the new butt-kickin' treatment. :)

  2. I am glad to hear Jersey is doing ok.
    I make sure I tell both of my fur kids every day just how much I love them. Not to mention I show them almost every waking moment (Charlie feels he is abused if someone isn’t playing with him 24x7!), I also let them take over my bed every night)
    Lots of love (and prayers) to Jersey Girl!