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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me! Minus the Cake!

Today was my birthday.  I'm forty-something.  Single.  Overweight.  And I've had enough of this self-pity loathing mood I've been in for some time now.  I need to get off my butt and do something about it.  Seriously OFF MY BUTT!  Otherwise I'm going to remain single and overweight for the rest of my way Jose! 

So today I started back on WW.  Can I say I'm starving right now and wishing I could have some birthday cake?!  Maybe after my 15 miler on Saturday.  I fell off the P90X bandstand when my Jersey Girl got really sick from the chemo.  I'm going to start back on it on Monday, but with some changes so it's not eating up all of my time.  I cannot dedicate that much time to it, running, my new puppy and work.  But I need it because I noticed I wasn't feeling some of the usual pains I've had during marathon training.

I can honestly say I've been here before.  I've said I'm going to get started down this road and about halfway down it something causes me to take a wrong turn.  I need to understand that wrong turns in dieting are okay.  Sometimes I'm going to lapse and eat 20-40 Oreos (oh double-stuff)!  Just get back on track.  My biggest problem is I go "all or nothing".  I can't do this dieting thing, well halfway.  I get so into counting points and gaining workout points and on and on that when I go overboard, I feel there is no way back.  Did you know Chobani BB yogurt is "3" WW points?!  It's okay to stray sometimes. 

So I may be looking for guidance from some of the bloggy world success stories.  If I post a comment/question on your blog, please try to offer something in return.  I'm looking for encouragement as well as something to occupy my mind and fingers so I'm not standing in front of the fridge.  I hope you understand.  Thanks!


  1. Happy BDay's my 40-something B-Day today too.

    Good luck with the WeWa. I'm thinking about going back to that myself :-)

  2. Happy birthday! I have faith you can lose the weight that you want. And in terms of being single, have you tried online dating?? I know soooo many people who do it.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! :)

    I find that dieting is a big waste of my time... well, in the traditional 'dieting' sense. If I just watch what I eat MOST of the time, run run and run some more, plus try not to eat things like leftover cream cannolis for breakfast.. I find that I do better than counting calories. That just FRUSTRATES me to no end. Good luck! and a box of Oreos every once and a while is ok. :D

  4. If it wasn't for Oreos and beer, I'd be a bean pole. Oh, and Doritos.

  5. Happy birthday Lynne! Thanks for following my blog, looking forward to reading about your journey and hope that I can help you along. I'm in a similar boat, but with 4 children (1 a newborn), I've got different complications! I'm still searching for answers but enjoying the trip more than ever.

  6. Happy belated birthday! I don't diet either. I've learned to love my body the way it is and it has really become strong with my training. It may not be perfect, but it is perfect for me!

  7. I hope you had a great birthday!
    I got a whopping 3 days into P90X before all hell started breaking lose! Once my shoulder starts being nice again, I might try it again. I had no issue doing the plyometrics (ok, I kept it to the low impact, but I still did it!) I might have an issue with the push-ups this time around. Last time Carin laid right where I could give her a kiss every time I came down (Charlie just stood on my bed and barked!!