You're in mile 18 and all you have to do is get to the next water station. Up ahead you see them. The group of happy cheering volunteers handing out half-filled paper cups of water. Only a few more steps and aawwhh! You're there! Take a break! Walk a few minutes! And enjoy the sights and sounds. You deserve it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Caught in the Nick of Time?!?!?

Pain where the circle is...only when I walked or ran.
 Since my 18 miler on Saturday, I've had pain on the top of my right foot. It felt like I had my shoes tied too tight during the run. Unfortunately, the pain didn't go away. Even after the Race for the Cure on Sunday, it still didn't feel right. But like most runner's training for a big race, I didn't want to admit there was something wrong. I rested on Monday, but went on with my training Tuesday. I started icing my foot in the evenings; trying anything to put off going to the doctor. My new shoes arrived on Wednesday so I had to try them out. Only 3 miles though. Loved the new Asics GEL - Nimbus 12's (fantastic cushion). On the fence about the Saucony ProGrid Kinvara's (great lightweight shoe). This morning I realized that my right foot was actually swollen. So as soon as I got to work, I got an appointment with my primary physician. He was worried that it was a stress fracture so he called in an appointment with a podiatrist. So I left there to go over to that appointment. I sat waiting over an hour. You can only imagine how that felt and the emotions I was going through. I got my x-rays and in with the doctor. She explained it like this (my memory isn't that great so I may be off a little): my big toe is locked - something seen in arthritis patients - I'm using my other toes to compensate for it - there's a build up on my 2nd thru 4th toes to handle the weight - no stress fracture but if not fixed now it will happen. So she tapped my feet to see if custom orthotics will help. I have to wear the tape for three days (four if I decide to run my half marathon on Sunday) to see if the inserts will help my feet during walking/running. Showering should be fun!

I'm just glad it's not a stress fracture. Whew!


  1. Good for you for being proactive!!! Hope all goes well!

  2. Aww, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope it all ends up ok. On a side note, I have the Asics Gel Cumulus 12s and love them. A little different from your Nimbus', but it is a great line!

  3. Glad you caught it now and not later! Hope it feels better with some rest--I'd skip the 1/2 if I were you (sorry!)

  4. Aww,,that looks painful, have you already consulted it to a doctor?
    I like your blog, i am inspired by it! :D

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  5. Listen to your body!!!!!!! I hope you foot feels better soon.